Welcome to Vacationing with Kids

We are excited to have you join us at Vacationing with Kids! When you hear Vacation WITH kids do you start laughing hysterically, start rocking back and forth or break out in hives? I used to feel the same way but family vacations can actually be enjoyable and create some of the best memories. I found the key was being prepared and gathering as much information and insights before we went so once we got to our destination we could relax and have fun.  My goal is to provide you with easy and pain free ways to plan and execute a memorable vacation with your kids by arming you with as much information as possible. You don’t need to be pulling out your hair and stressing out because we are here to help. Whether you are planning a trip south, have decided to camp (or Glamp) or just want a day trip with the family….you can find the information here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get even more up to date information.  Wishing you happy travels!


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