Conservation Areas

So today was a beautiful day in Ontario so we decided to take the kids for a hike at a local conservation area.  No more than 2 minutes in our 6 year old wipes out and rips his knee open.  Oh the horror of the dirt and blood on his knee.  One would think his head had fallen off and rolled away.  Once cleaned up we proceeded on and had a lovely day.  At one point we ended up on a crazy rocky and rooted trail that was hard to maneuver and our 4 year old daughter asked “Mommy are we ever going to make it out of here?” .  “Of course we are silly” was my response but in my head I was thinking of ways to survive if we had to stay the night!  An hour later we made it out and truly can’t wait to do it again as we had some great chats with the kids and it was a lot of fun.  

There are so many great conservation areas in Ontario that have walking trails, festivals, winter activities and family fun.  Check out your local conservation areas …

Have fun in nature with your fam!  


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