For the Love of Christmas

There is so much to see and do at Christmas but I really love when you find something that is truly done just for the Love of Christmas.

If you travel the 401 between Guelph and Milton any time during the Holidays be sure to schedule a quick detour for something that your family will surely love.  This has become a tradition for our family and i’m sure it will for yours as well.


Just off the highway on Guelph Line you will find a country property owned by the Singleton Family.  Simply for the Love of Christmas, every year this family creates the Singleton’s Christmas Light Display which is a wonderful display of story boxes filled with scenes of Christmas and winter full of lights and music.   As you roam through the lights be sure to take some cute pics with the fun cutouts they have!


This magical little land is a true labour of love that is worked on by the entire Singleton family to keep the tradition going and giving families joy each and every year.  The family is always around and happy to chat and tell you of the history of the light display. Oh and you might find a striking resemblance between Mr. Singleton and the jolly man that visits our homes on December 25th!


There is no charge to visit the Singleton’s Christmas Light Display but please show your appreciation by putting a donation in the donation box as all proceeds go to the Halton Women’s Place.  Truly a wonderful family giving to a wonderful cause!


The SIngleton’s Christmas Light Display is located at 8565 Guelph Line in Campbellville L0P 1B0

Sun – Mon 5:00pm – 10:00pm until New Year’s Eve

Do you know of a special Christmas display in Ontario?  Please share it with us and our readers.  Email us at


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