Let’s all go to the Drive-in


Who doesn’t love going to the drive-in?  You can wear your jammies if you choose,pack some snacks and relax in the comfort of your own vehicle!!  Lucky for us, Ontario has quite a few drive-ins for us to enjoy.

I remember the fun of going to the drive-in as a child and nowI am able to share the same fun with my kids.  We back the diaper wagon into a spot and make a “nest” of pillows and blankets and then all snuggle in for the movie.  For the most part the kids fall asleep after the first movie and then hubby and I can enjoy the second one while the kiddies snore beside us.  This is one night where you can’t worry about bedtimes as the movies tend to start fairly late the nicer the weather gets, but the memories created will be so fun and worth the possible crankiness in the morning!! The best part of this family night out is that it is really a cheap night out.  Check your local drive-in as many have carload nights and kids are generally pretty inexpensive to get in.  Don’t forget to pack some lawn chairs, bug spray and some money for snacks!

Now, let’s all go to the snack bar…


Ontario Drive-Ins

Barrie Sunset Barrie

Fonthill – Canview Drive-In

Grand Bend – Starlite Drive-In 

Gravenhurst – Muskoka Drive-In 

Guelph – Mustang Drive-In 

Hamilton – Starlite Drive-In

Hanover – Havelock’s Family Drive-In

Kingston – Family Funworld Park Drive-In 

Lindsay – Twin Drive-In 

London – Mustang Drive-In 

Midland – Midland Drive-In

Oakville – The 5 Drive-In

Owen Sound – Twin Drive-In

Pembroke – Skylight Drive-In

Peterborough – Mustang Drive-In

Picton – Mustang Drive-In

Port Elmsley – Port Elmsley Drive-In

Port Hope – Port Hope Drive-In


Sault Ste. Marie Skylark Drive-In

Tilbury – Stevie Rae’s Drive-in

Toronto – Polson Pier Drive-In (formerly The Docks)

Woodstock – Oxford Drive-In

Know of additional drive-ins in Ontario?  Please send us an email

Want your drive-in featured?  Contact us


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