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Are We There Yet?

No matter what the age of your kids or whether you are travelling for a 2 hour car ride or 5 hour plane ride, you are bound to hear “Are we there yet?” at least once.  The key is to keep them busy with things they enjoy, introduce new items, play a game or travel when they are bound to sleep.  Now I know the latter is hard to predict so we will focus on keeping them entertained.

Our top 10 items you can bring on a plane or long car ride to keep your sanity…

Snacks – You’re on vacation so you can somewhat throw the healthy balanced meal plan out the window for now right?!  Load some of their favourite candy, chocolate or cookies into your carry on for them to enjoy during the flight.  Suckers and chewing gum are good to have on hand for take off and landing.  Be sure to hide some for the trip home.

Cup with a lid/water bottle – In flight drinks are offered but they generally come in a small plastic cup which when in tight quarters can mean spilling.  Having a close-able drink container means you can have the flight attendant put their drink of choice into a spill proof container.

Electronics – In this day and age,  even the youngest child in the family can probably maneuver and iPod/iPad, DSi, Leapster etc. Load the ipod/iPad up with apps and  music to keep them busy.

DVD player and their favourite movies – Most flights do have movies but having their favourites on hand and accessible can make for a very happy child.  Not to mention it can become useful in your hotel room or at dinners so you too can enjoy your dinner.  Don’t forget to fully charge it before leaving home and pack your charger.

Ear Phones – NO I didn’t say earplugs but hey that’s not a bad idea!!  Bringing earphones from home will ensure they fit your  child’s ears and are adaptable to the electronics you’re bringing to keep them entertained.  Plug the ear phones into any electronic so as to not disturb those around you and your child will think they’re cool to wear

Stories – We all know it’s important to read with your child but sometimes it’s hard to find the time in our busy lives.  Pack some books and snuggle up with your child and have some good quality story time.  Perhaps the story will make them fall asleep so pack yourself a book in case you get a chance to read.

Notepad and pencils – Have your children draw pictures and/or write about their journey so far.  Also this can be used to play tic-tac-toe or hangman

Travel Games – Many of the popular kids games come in travel form like Sorry, Memory, Connect 4, Guess Who, Trouble and more

$ Store Fun Packs – Take a trip to your local dollar store and make a fun pack for each of the kiddies for the way to your destination and back again.  For a small price you can make them a super fun activity pack to keep them entertained.  Stickers, paper, colouring books, stamps, mini craft kit, silly putty, word search books, stencils …. The list could go on and on but I think you get the idea.  Something new and creative will excite them.

Favourite stuffie and blanket – Having their favourite stuffed friend on board can not only help lessen the anxiety some kids may get with flying but can also give them a cuddle friend if they get sleepy.

Packing 101 to get you on the beach

No need to stress about what to pack when heading to a beach vacation, we’ve got you covered.  Print this Packing List and get to the beach!!


  • Bathing suits – 2/family member (nobody likes putting on a wet bathing suit)
  • Shorts/capris
  • T-shirts/tanks
  • Underwear/Bras
  • Socks
  • Pajamas (few pairs each)
  • Pants  (sometimes required for men in restaurants)
  • Sun dresses
  • Comfies for when the kiddies are in bed and you and hubby have time to snuggle on the balcony
  • Nighttime outfits (Always feels nice to get dressed up so pack some special dressier outfits for nighttime)
  • Sweater (in case the nights get cool)
  • Beach cover ups
  • Sandles/flip flops/nighttime footwear

Bathroom stuff

  • Aloe
  • Body lotion
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Body wash/face wash
  • Shaving cream/Razor
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
  • Insect repellent
  • Prescription medication
  • Stomach Remedies – Gravol, Pepto Bismal, Tums, Immodium
  • Curling iron/straightener
  • Hair products
  • Pain/fever relief for adults and children
  • Digital thermometer
  • Band-aids and Polysporin
  • Make-up
  • Nail clippers and tweezers
  • Birth control
  • Female hygiene products
  • Check to be sure resort has hair dryer and iron in room but most do

Travelling with a baby

  • Bottles
  • Soothers
  • Formula
  • Diapers
  • Swim Diapers
  • Blanket

For the Beach

  • Beach bag
  • Sun hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (never a bad idea to over pack this as it is expensive at a resort)
  • Lip balm with SPF
  • Pails and shovels (Pack underwear and swimsuits in pails in your suitcase)
  • Blow up raft/beach balls that you can leave at the resort
  • Thermal mugs to keep your fave drink cold
  • E-reader/Books
  • Goggles/face mask
  • Water shoes
  • Underwater disposable cameras for the kids 

Carry on

  • Travel documents
  • Wallets and Cash
  • Baby wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Prescription medication (Clearly marked)
  • Favourite stuffie
  • Suckers/gum for take-off and landing
  • Camera
  • Snacks
  • Activities for kids (See our Are we there yet blog)
  • Water bottles
  • Video camera
  • Ear phones
  • Books/magazines

Random items

  • Plug in air freshener (rooms can tend to be musty from all the wet towels)
  • Extra batteries
  • Chargers for Ipods/camera/computer/ereader/cell phone
  • Needle and thread
  • Snack food
  • Purse for Mommy at Nighttime
  • $$ for tipping, souvenirs and airport food
  • If you’re planning on using a CC be sure to call and let them know you will be out of the country!
  • Grocery bags to separate wet items on the way home
  • Umbrella stroller?  If travelling with small children this will be useful in the airport and getting around at the resort
  • Information and phone #s for travel insurance, Health insurance. Travel provider and Credit card company
  • Make copies of travel documents, passports  and Credit card numbers in case they get lost
  • Nightlight in case your little one requires one

Leave your bras in Cuba

When going to a resort you’re always sure to bring along money to tip the wait staff, house keeper and your best friend for the week…the bartender.  Sometimes you think to bring some fun stuff for the children of the staff or leave behind some bathroom products they might enjoy but have you ever thought of leaving your bra behind?  YES, your bra!

Some family members just came back from Cuba and were shocked to be asked if they could leave behind a bra.  Now, they were not shocked that people would actually ask but rather that they were asking for a used bra.  They had become friendly with the staff at this small resort so I guess they felt comfortable asking in hushed tones but they we once again asked by staff at the airport during their 2 hour delay.   When asked at the resort for their bras they kind of laughed awkwardly and asked why they would want their bras.  From talking to them they learned that many women do not own bras and the reason being is that buying a bra may mean the difference between feeding their family.  Obviously what we as women from North America consider essential they consider a luxury and one that many can not afford.

Planning a trip to Cuba soon?  Perhaps think of asking around to your friends and family if they have bras they would be willing to part with. So pack up that extra suitcase of bras for your next trip …  the bigger the bra size the better they were told.  Yes the check in people may give you a weird look at your suitcase contents but that doesn’t matter when you know the happiness and comfort your simple act will bring to some women in Cuba.

Choosing a Sunny Destination Resort

Choosing the best resort for your family vacation can seem overwhelming but can actually be quite simple. Some simple steps to get you closer to your family vacay:


Choose Destination – Do you feel like chillin’ out in Mexico, Jamaica, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Turks… This is your biggest decision and once you decide this, the planning gets easier!

How many stars? – Star ratings are used to classify resorts based on amenities, level of service and quality of food.  Here is a basic breakdown:

1 Star – Very, very basic. Simple accommodation only.

2 Stars – Modest accommodation offering a few amenities and services.

3 Stars – Average best describes some 3 star resorts. Offering a reasonable range of services and amenities.

4 Stars – Above average resort offering an extended range of facilities, amenities and services. A 4 star resort will satisfy almost any traveler.

5 Stars – Generally a superior resort offering a wide range of facilities and amenities.


Proximity to airport – Take into consideration how well your children do on car rides and how restless they will be after a long flight.  However, you will also want to take into consideration how close you want to be to an airport for the noise factor…you are on vacation afterall 😉

Reviews – The best reviews and recommendations you can get are from someone you know and trust that has been to a specific resort.  If you have no personal recommendations to go by, read reviews of the resort from multiple sites and people.  Read the feedback and base your decision on the parts of the reviews that are important to you.  Now with that being said, know that you will always have those that can’t find anything nice to say about anything so take reviews with a grain of salt.


Can the resort accommodate your family sizeFamilies come in all different shapes and sizes and many resorts can accommodate this by giving you a suite or adjoining rooms.  Be sure to check the options available to you.

Punta Cana 1 226 copy

Resort size – There are small cozy resorts and sprawling huge resorts.  Neither one is better than the other it just depends on what you are looking for.  We have stayed at both and I love the feel of a smaller resort as you tend to see the same people and get to know the staff better but I will admit that larger resorts are cool as some have a train that take your from point A to point B and they tend to had a bit more to do and explore.

Building style – Resorts can differ in the type of accommodations they provide.  You need to decide what works best for you.  High rises can offer great views and all kids love elevator rides but anytime you forget something… back up the elevator you go.  Smaller 3 -4 level buildings can make the resorts more spread out (which means more walking) but you can quickly access your room and the resort seems more quaint.


Children’s programs – Almost every resort offers some form of kid’s club.  This is where you can drop your kids off for a couple hours to have some structured fun and Mom and Dad can RELAX!!  Club ages differ from resort to resort so be sure they can accommodate  your children’s ages.

Punta Cana 123 copy

Nightly Entertainment – Hands down one of our families favourite things about a resort!  We never miss the nighttime show and have always found them very entertaining for the whole family.  Some resorts bring the kids up on stage to be part of the show which they will love.  The shows usually start fairly late so jammie up the kiddies, grab some good seats, a drink for the parents and enjoy! 🙂

Food options – We have always agreed that we won’t stress about the kids eating while on vacation as it is a vacation for everyone!  Choosing a resort with multiple restaurants is important but really the buffet is usually where it’s at.  Many resorts offer a “kid area” in their buffet restaurant with kid friendly foods.  A beach grill is always an added bonus to grab burgers and hot dogs during the day without having to leave all the fun.  Do you have food allergies in your family? Check out our tips about travelling with a child with an anaphylactic allergy.


Pool or beach? – You might think that all resorts MUST have a beach but this is not necessarily true.  There are a very few that have “beach access” which means you will need to walk quite aways  or take transportation to the beach.  We focus a lot on the pools when choosing a resort as really all we require in a beach (other than there being one) is that it have sand, swimmable water and beach chairs.  If you plan on spending time at the pool, be sure the pool meets your needs.  We tend to look for a resort with multiple pools (children’s pool is a bonus) or a large pool that flows through the resort.


Hopefully these points can help you on your way to planning your next escape to paradise with your family! Happy travels!!

Travelling with a child with an anaphylactic allergy

We love to travel as a family to all inclusive resorts and we always have an amazing time!   After our son had an anaphylactic reaction to nuts, it did make me think twice about whether we should continue to travel as we had in the past.  Would it be safe for my son to eat at the resort? What if something happened on the plane?  How would we know what would be safe for him to eat?  What if something went wrong and he needed medical attention?  Would there be too much of a language barrier? All of this and more flooded my mind.  Of course we still wanted to vacation but were we putting our child at risk?  I researched and asked a LOT of questions.

Here was and always will be our “Anaphylactic Travel Plan”

On the plane

Generally, most airlines do not serve nuts as their main in-flight snack but that’s not to say that some of the snacks may contain traces of nuts.  We did run into a flight within the US that did serve peanuts as the snack and if our son had been sensitive to airborne particulate we would have been in quite the predicament.  In advance of booking, we recommend you contact the airline directly and see what their policy is in regards to nuts. Air Canada and WestJet have phased peanuts out of their onboard snacks but can not guarantee that meals have not come into contact with nuts or that other passengers will not bring nuts onboard.  They will however, provide a “buffer zone” in rows around you where they will ask passengers not to consume nuts.  Specifics on their policy regarding customers with allergies can be found at Air Canada and WestJet.  Here is how we further handle the allergy on the plane…

  • We notify the Airline as well as the travel agent of the allergy when booking
  • We pack 4 EpiPens in our carry on bag.  We figure, in the case of an emergency this will give them time to land the plane for medical assistance if the onboard medicines don’t help.  Be sure that the EpiPens are in there original state so that they are affixed with the prescription with the  child’s name on it.  We have never had an issue getting through security with our EpiPens but asking your Dr. for a note to accompany you may not be a bad idea.
  • Try and take the first flight out in the morning as the plane is at it’s cleanest and there is less chance of cross contamination.
  • Bring sanitary wipes to wipe down snack trays, arm rests and windows
  • Pack your own snacks.  This works great for us as our son is a picky eater so his fave snacks keep him happy on the plane (and at the resort) and we are assured that they are free of nuts.

At the Resort

We became more particular in the resort we chose to vacation at once we found out about the allergy.  The resort’s reputation is key but I have always been a big researcher when it comes to what will suit our family’s fun needs anyhow! Now, I look into the resort’s close proximity to a city with a hospital in case of an emergency.   I also test out the resort’s customer service and quick response to an email before I book.  I figure if they are quick to respond to a simple question, then they are more than likely going to be attentive to our health needs.  Once booked, here is how we handle the allergy at the resort…

  • Prior to arrival I contact the Concierge and Food & Drink Manager via email to alert them of my son’s allergy, the date of our arrival and duration of our stay.  Generally, they will book our A la carte dinners before we even arrive to ensure the allergy isn’t lost in the shuffle.  Many resorts will automatically do this but I request that they put a note on our reservations at all restaurants about the allergy and ask them to provide us with a translated letter we can carry with us at the resort explaining the allergy.
  • Once at the resort I make a point of finding the Concierge and Manager and introducing myself to them to make sure everything is in line.
  • At Buffet restaurants we tend to stick to the fresh prepared stations where we know what is going into his food.   Most desserts have a high chance of cross contamination so we tend to stick to soft serve ice cream from a machine or we dip into our nut free snacks we brought with us.  Our son will take a Hershey bar over dessert any day.
  • Allergy alert cards can be ordered from SelectWisely as an added precaution.  These cards are laminated and translated into any language you choose and also include pictures of the specific allergen on it.
  • We carry EpiPens on us wherever we go within the resort
  • If our son goes into the kid’s club for a period of time we let them know of the allergy, inform them they are to feed him nothing, tell our son not to eat anything (he’s 7 now so this works for us) and we make sure to take one of their paging devices so they can contact us if need be.

Really, not much needs to change when you are faced with an allergy in the family and you want to travel.  Take some time to do the extra planning and then go and enjoy making memories on your family vacation!

You CAN travel as a family of five (or more)

A common thing I hear from friends that have 3 or more children is that it is hard to find a resort in the Caribbean that can accommodate their family without it costing them an arm and leg.  Well look no further my friends because I have done the research for you!  All of these resorts will accommodate your family and promises to be a great sunny getaway so that you can sit back, relax and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Happy Vacation planning!


Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort

The Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort is centered on a large, sparkling freshwater pool, with views of the beach located directly across from the resort. Spacious studios, one, and two-bedroom suites surround the main pool area and offer fully equipped kitchens and private balconies with ocean and garden views. A unique collection of premium golf view suites are located along the course and fronted by a magnificent freeform pool with swim access bar.


Almond Casuarina Beach 

Almond Resorts in Barbados offers three great all-inclusive resort destinations with one amazing Caribbean experience. For groups, weddings, couples, families and singles – for all those seeking a personalized experience without rules, without worries – we promise breathtaking views, lushly landscaped gardens, countless activities, exceptional cuisine and friendly, helpful people.


Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa

Located beachfront in Rincon Francés, part of the Varadero ecological reserve. Five-Star Ultra All InclusiveEco-Resort with 510 rooms. This charming world is privileged with elegance, refinement and privacy, especially its Royal Service. Recommended for families, weddings, honeymoons, incentives and wellness/spa.

Sol Sirenas Coral

All Inclusive Four Star resort with 651 rooms. Located alongside the beach in Varadero. Hotel complex surrounded by tropical gardens which convey an informal atmosphere. The property excels for its superb entertainment program. Recommended for families traveling with children.

Sol Palmeras

All Inclusive Four-Star Resort, with 608 rooms. Privileged location alongside Varadero Beach. Spectacular hotel – bungalow complex with refreshing swimming pools surrounded by gardens, terraces and bars. The property excels for the comfort of its rooms, unique décor of its buffet restaurant buffet with gourmet- show cooking and fun-packed entertainment programs. Recommended for families, golf enthusiasts, honeymooners and groups.

Sol Río De Luna y Mares

Four -Star All Inclusive Resort with 464 rooms. Located beachfront in Playa Esmeralda, on the northern coast of Holguin province, where visitors will be amazed by the dazzling superposition of blues and greens from the sea, sky and costal shrubbery. This hotel complex is surrounded by extensive green areas and offers a wide variety of services and attractions. Recommended for families, weddings, honeymoons and tourist groups.

Dominican Republic            

Meliá Caribe Tropical 

This resort sets the standard for family oriented all-inclusive hotels in Punta Cana.  The beach at Meliá Caribe Tropical is simply spectacular, and is only one of the resort’s many impressive features. The Punta Cana hotel has over a dozen restaurants to choose from so you can have a wide variety of international dining experiences during your stay. With a world-class golf course right across the street, an exciting casino and the most thrilling activities in Punta Cana, Meliá Caribe Tropical is the perfect choice for your next family vacation. The Flintstones have found the perfect place for their holidays: they are staying with your family in one of our first theme hotels. Your kids can explore the Yabba-Dabba-Doo bazaar, gardens and swimming pools just like those Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty enjoyed. Let yourself be surprised!

Dreams Punta Cana

Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa provides stunning palm-studded beaches surrounded by flourishing vegetation. This Unlimited-Luxury® resort is an undiscovered treasure offering couples and couples with children one of the largest pools in the Dominican Republic which flows from the lobby down to the beach, complete with a swim-up bar and venues throughout. Kids can enjoy activities and entertainment at the explorer’s club and teens can chill out in the core zone while adults relax poolside or at the full-service spa.

Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

On the seafront of one of the 10 best beaches in the world,  Barcelo Bavaro’s beach is protected by a coral reef that makes the pristine sea perfectly calm. Fabulous hotel facilities include an incredible, luxurious spa swimming pools, gymnasium, shopping centre and a mini-club for the little ones. At night you can enjoy the lively nightlife at the hotel: shows, discos, casino.

Ocean Blue & Sand

Ocean Blue & Sand Beach Resort is a luxury 24 hours all inclusive resort, with private Jacuzzi in all Junior suites, a lovely beach, plus the finest selection of themed restaurants and an exceptional coffee house. The resort offers everything from a bowling alley and special sports to breathtaking free form pools with swing up bars, Jacuzzis and children area.


Beaches Ocho Rios

If you’re looking for a family beachfront getaway with an intimate private beach, a Pirates Island Waterpark, extra large accommodations, the only all-inclusive golf program for kids and near Jamaica’s best attractions, Beaches Ocho Rios is for you.

Beaches Negril

The vibe here is totally carefree and about spending time with those you love. Spread out over a lushly landscaped 20 acres, Beaches Negril epitomizes paradise with spectacular gardens beside the sea, a sprawling Pirates Island waterpark, and plenty of activities and amenities for the whole family. For those who want a little tranquility and a whole lot of cool, it all begins with a beach vacation at the best all – inclusive resort in Negril.

Franklin D Roosevelt

Your all-inclusive vacation in Jamaica at the Franklyn D. Resort & Spa will be a most memorable family experience!  From friendly, caring and interactive staff, including your family’s own Vacation Nanny, their all-inclusive  vacation packages include the best of food, drinks, accommodations and activities for families.

Riu Montego Bay, Jamaica

Riu Montego Bay offers deluxe accommodations and a wide variety of activities in a beautiful setting. Riu Montego Bay sits along a shimmering beach, in harmony with its tropical surroundings. This island oasis offers deluxe accommodations in a stunning setting surrounded by an unspoiled natural environment. Montego Bay continues to grow and provides a well-rounded range of services and shops in addition to tropical, turquoise waters. This is a wonderful vacation destination for both romantic getaways and family vacations! RIU Resorts prides themselves on customer satisfaction and Riu Montego Bay is no exception!


Azul Beach Hotel

Azul Beach Hotel is a family-friendly, boutique-style property located on a gorgeous beach 20 minutes from Cancun International Airport. All suites are just steps from the beach, pools, restaurants and bars.  Azul Beach especially caters to families with young children with loaner baby equipment, kid’s club and parent support. The exclusive Family & Friends Vacation Planner coordinates family reunions. Romantic couples love Beachfront Sky Massages and Suite Scenes.

Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa

A perfect escape for the entire family!  This resort offers six gourmet restaurants, Gorgeous swimming pools, 24-hour room service, fantastic kid’s club and a friendly staff to ensure your vacation is relaxing and fun.

Dreams Cancun

Dreams Cancun exclusively situated at the tip of Punta Cancun and surrounded on three sides by the crystal-clear Caribbean, offers couples, singles and families Unlimited-Luxury® along with the exciting Delphinus, the on-site dolphin aquarium. Guests will surely be satisfied with a range of activities and entertainment ranging from world-class Dreams Spa by Pevonia and is located just steps away from shops and the nightlife of Cancun.

Gran Sirenis Riviera Maya

This resort is in a class of its own due to its spectacular design, which brings to mind the ancient Mayan buildings, yet at the same time of a modern, minimalist style which blends perfectly with the luxurious natural vegetation in the gardens. Set in a fascinating environment, your holiday there will be a dream come true…

Meliá Puerto Vallarta

Paradise for families and couples, where there is something for everyone and where everything is included. A wide variety of snacks and meals, domestic and imported drinks and recreational activities for all ages, spectacular evening shows performed by professional dancers, with a different program every night, and the largest pool in Vallarta! The Flintstones have found the perfect place for their holidays: they are staying with your family in one of our first theme hotels: Yabba-Dabba-Doo bazaar, Roca Flash, RocAdventure, Baby Rock Club, Bamm Bamm Club and Cool Club. Let yourself be surprised!

Melia Cozumel All Inclusive Beach & Golf Resort

Featuring an array of amenities, facilities and unlimited amounts of fun, this beautiful beachfront resort is directly across the street from the island’s premier golf course designed by the Nicklaus Design Group and just three miles from San Miguel, Cozumel’s main shopping area. The perfect place to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and the white-sand beaches for which Cozumel is well known; Meliá Cozumel offers a casual, comfortable and inviting resort experience that is certain to satisfy one and all. The Flintstones have found the perfect place for their vacation! They will be enjoying one of our first theme hotels. Look out for them at the Yabba-Dabba-Doo Bazaar as well as in the gardens and at the swimming pools!

Riu Emerald Bay, Mazatlan

Riu Emerald Bay dazzles guests with spectacular ocean views from almost every spot on the property. From the impressive lobby to the elegant guestrooms that feature signature RIU amenities, this outstanding all inclusive resort is the perfect place for couples, families, and singles seeking a beautiful retreat on the shores of the sapphire Pacific Ocean. Children will have the time of their lives at the supervised RiuLand Kids Club, while adults can pamper themselves at the world class Renova Spa or enjoy some quiet time alone.  Dining options are sure to please all palates with gourmet restaurants serving global cuisines. Featuring golden, sandy beaches and a laid back atmosphere, the Riu Emerald Bay is the perfect destination for all ages.

Sandos Caracol Eco-Resort & Spa

A Riviera Maya family resort located in the luxurious residential complex of Grand Coral, which has the most amazing facilities offering great Riviera Maya all inclusive family activities perfect for keeping the children entertained. A fun water park with colorful water slides and amazing kid’s club, are just some of the features that make Sandos Caracol, the ideal family getaway.

Turks & Caicos

Beaches Turk & Caicos
Dive into a one-of-a-kind, unbelievably exciting all-inclusive for the whole family. A 45,000 square-foot waterpark; three magnificent villages, boasting the architecture and ambiance of Italy, France and the Caribbean; a 12-mile beach lapped by clear turquoise waters; endless fun activities for everyone, from tots to tweens and teens, featuring Sesame Street® characters, the new Xbox 360® Game Garage and a sizzlin’ teen disco, Liquid at Beaches-all located on one of the world’s best beaches.
St. Lucia
Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa (Depending on children’s ages you may need to be  in an adjoining room)

Guests of all ages will indulge in Splash, Coconut Bay’s family friendly wing with areas intended to delight the young at heart. Colorful rooms face the ocean and overlook CocoLand, St. Lucia’s largest water park featuring a large activity pool, lazy river and exciting water slides. Also on the Splash side is the Caribbean’s first paintball facility able to host 10 players.  The fully supervised Kidz Klub is nearby and easy to find by the gleeful sounds of youngsters enjoying its water feature, expansive pirate ship and air-conditioned indoor play room.

Morgan Bay Beach Resort

Morgan Bay Beach Resort is a vibrant, colorful, and refreshingly casual All-Inclusive resort, distinguished by its romantic waterfront setting.  The wide array of accommodations, activities, water sports, restaurants, bars, and amenities make Morgan Bay your ideal destination for a relaxing tropical getaway.